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“Never in a million years shall I seek financial freedom from dating or marrying a man with money for his wealth! I am independent, as I am with my own money; marrying a man with money will be an added bonus but definitely not a way to earn a living; with or without a man my life will go on and I will even be happier. Marriage is a gift from God so please marry for the right reasons. May God bless you all and may he bless you richly and help you to think logically as you brainstorm for business ideas. Trust in God Almighty and all will be possible.”

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“When everything else fails: Say no to Poverty” Out Now!!!!!

A romantic and inspirational true life adventure, this is the story of an African girl and her culture, who grew up in paucity, started smuggling to earn a living, then flew to London to ransack for the gold which she heard paved the streets of London.

Raised in former Rhodesian colonial rule of Zimbabwe, she found herself alone in the large city of London. Before then she had marred a serial cheat who had bedded enough women to fill a double decker bus plus standing passengers.  Bored of making loving in the same old missionary position, she suggested something saucy to her old fashioned husband, who then called her Nymphomaniac! Hurt by his spiteful words, she plotted a vicious revenge and developed the desire to do great things for herself.
This fascinating read is about pain, suffering, endurance, faith and taking action, which determined the turning point in her life and led her to undreamt financial success.

Coming Out Soon ,Coming out soon!
"Lets get Tagged”

Frank Zamuppette had enough problems growing up without his biological parents and having had no formal qualifications, but nevertheless wanted a job in the bank. He married the love of his life Pontentzia , whom he thought to be a sex vixen, whilst he Frank was as poor as virgin Joseph! They set off on their honeymoon without a romantic DVD, an operational manual as suggested by his friend Martin! A Humorous Disaster! He letter joined a Brotherhood of Millionaires even if he wasn’t a millionaire, where was caused to defraud the Royal Bank of England.

Hit by the hard recession, the couple fled London whilst Frank was under investigation involving millions of pounds from the Bank of England. They sailed across the sea and landed on the land of Sentinel where they met four other guys who were on the run! They were lucky to survive the huge carnivorous plant- fight. They finally met Vermogen, the sacred girl who lived life as several different species, not known to her, and had incredible strength. She had a mission for the people of the United States of America! Another interesting Science Fiction Novel not to be missed.

Coming Out Soon ,Coming out soon!
“From overdraft to a million”

This is a factual Self -help book that will guide you through out your journey into becoming a MILLIONAIRE.  The aim of this book is to teach individuals ways to brain storm on business ideas, start a business without any capital, how to invest wisely in properties and other sources. All the necessary strategies needed to raise capital will be revealed.  The book also covers how to overcome negative drawbacks that prevent individuals from progressing forward. It will teach you the SECRET on how to use the Law of Attraction,to get what you want and how reduce fear and to embrace courage  to ACT upon your success. BB Goldsmith will show you the way and I promise this book will not disappoint.
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