Are you one of those people who is still asking who the heck is this BB Goldsmith?.
BB Goldsmith is CEO and founder of the Millionaire Success Principles International, a Serial Entrepreneur, Self-Made, Business Expert, Speaker, Motivator, Mentor, Coach, Registered Nurse and Author. She has a huge supporting client base around the world. Her business services is available world wide, thanks to the internet which is connecting her with Billions of people across the globe through her business consultation and coaching programmes such as the Vision to Gold Dust Seminar  (For those aspiring to be in business  BB Goldsmith will teach you how to earn your first (£100,000.00) through the The Booming Gold Dust Wealth Creation Summit (For those who are already in business who want to learn ways of increasing customer base and how to create multiple streams of income) and Gold Bar Millionaire Maker Programme (here BB Goldsmith will share with you the secrets which have never been shared before to create your wealth.

She has appeared on several television and radio programmes, which have made her known to Billions of people around the world.

B.B Goldsmith was born in Rhodesia in a small town called Karoi, Where she was raised. This beautiful country that she loves so dearly is now known as Zimbabwe.

Raised in a poverty stricken but hard-working family, she had the benefit of God-fearing, loving parent and was part of a close-knit family.  Lucky in love, she married a serial cheat and then had a relationship with a male chauvinist pig in England who turned out to be convicted paedophile. After being homeless for some months, she pulled and dusted herself up, working very hard to reshape her life, which was then in shambles.

Her road to success was not a straightforward one as there were loads of obstacles along the way; but she finally made it. – It wasn’t what she wanted at first but many life lessons where learnt along the way. Helpful and genuine friends were added and parasites were deleted as her life progressed. It was just part of life. Time-wasters she particularly disliked them!  BB Goldsmith’s life turned around after discovering The Secret and by applying the The Law of Attraction in her life which has lead to her financial success.

Writing has now become part of her life, novels, business books, song lyrics and poems: all these genres are receptacles of her writing.  Her biggest SECRET in acquiring more of anything is JUST GIVE. She advises, if you want more money, JUST GIVE MONEY away and you will see the results.  Want to “SAY NO TO POVERTY”, then sign up for our training programme to create your wealth.

 B. B Goldsmith spends most of her time in various places such as, Colchester, Essex, Worthing Sussex and Spain. A devoted Christian,  a proud member of F.I.F.M.I (Forward in Faith Ministries International). B.B Goldsmith is a business-woman, business and property-mentor and  a life coach. She is also a motivational speaker, business coach, She coaches people in different aspects of lifee.g writing, business and property investment, general life problems, money problems and how to get out of debt. She also mentors WANNA BE MILLIONAIRES on the easiest and quickest strategies to follow.

 Message from the author

"Stop blaming others for your failures in life. Apply the Law of Thinking, Compensation, Attraction, Sacrifice, Receiving and Success in your lives; draw bigger things to you and huge and bigger things will be drawn to you. Those who have grown in poverty and stayed in poverty have not attempted to better themselves or tried to do something to help them-selves get out of their situation."

For those wishing to change their lives for the better and get out of poverty; please feel free to contact B.B Goldsmith for initial consultation. B.B Goldsmith is offering a lot of different programmes to help you better your lives. It could be a business start-up, writing, motivational speaking, coaching or mentoring and property investment.

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